Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Windows Phone Challenge Scam

Some are calling the Windows Phone Challenge a scam. Microsoft promised a chance to win a Hunger Games Special Edition PC, valued at over $1000, if your phone is faster than the Windows Phone.

Microsoft, the Windows Phone maker caused a bit of controversy when they did not want to pay the promised reward for smoking the Windows Phone.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Many are complaining about Usells connects top-rated companies who specialize in purchasing and refurbishing used cell phones and electronics with the people who want to sell them. has responded to the complaints. was first launched in October of 2010. We are a publicly traded company and through a round of investing, were about to fund a massive TV campaign that was very successful. However, we were overwhelmed by the consumer response and did not have the back-end scalability that would allow us to handle the massive amount of orders. Because of this, we suffered severe customer service issues. In June of 2011, our board as well as our senior staff decided to take a new direction. Instead of purchasing electronic devices directly from consumers, we have partnered with several of the leading electronics-buying companies in the country to purchase the devices. This guarantees that no single liquidator will be overwhelmed by a high volume of orders, thereby ensuring a satisfactory customer experience. The majority of complaints date back to transactions that were made prior to June of 2011. Furthermore, please see our BBB rating, we have an A- rating with the BBB. All of the customer issues have been resolved and we are focused on our new business and providing our customers with an easy and secure way of selling their unwanted electronic devices. We acknowledge that we did make some mistakes in our early days, but we have done and continue to do everything we can to make it right for every customer. If you have an issue with a current transaction, we strongly encourage you to contact us directly at For everyone who is concerned about uSell's credibility, here is some information about what the majority of our customers experience with our company, as well as links to customer reviews of our partners: In addition, uSell was recently recommended on the Today Show: We hope this information helps to set your mind at ease.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Youtube Scam - Your Video Has Been Approved

Many people are receiving emails purporting to be from Youtube. They are titled: "Your Video Has Been Approved" This email is most likely a Scam. Do not click on the links or reply to the email. It is not from YouTube.