Friday, August 31, 2012

My Career Scam Email Circulating


Scam email: James Cason from Asset Management / Alliance Asset Management:

A fraudulent email is circulating from someone using the name James Cason that appears to be from MyCareer informing the recipient of an offer of employment from a company called either Asset Management or Alliance Asset Management. It may mention MyCareer but this email is fraudulent spam. It was not generated or endorsed by MyCareer nor have they gathered your name from our site: fraudulent parties are very adept at collecting and compiling databases of people's personal information to use it in such a way as this to make it seem as though their correspondence to you is legitimate. They have even created fake websites to make this scam seem legitimate, the addresses of which they may include in their emails. Please do not send applications or personal details in response to this email.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Power4Home Scam

855 Village Center Drive #386
North Oaks, Minnesota 55127 USA
Live4Home Phone Number: 1-612-568-8880

Do you feel you have been scammed by Power4Home? Please let us know about your experience with Power4Home below.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Florida Lottery Scam

Every day, criminals find new ways to scam victims out of their savings. Many Floridians have fallen prey to con artists claiming to be Florida Lottery winners who are unable to collect their jackpots. The con artists offer to “sell” the winning ticket to the victim, or ask their victim to collect the money for them. When the victim agrees, they are asked for money or other valuables as a “deposit.” Once the con artists have the victim’s money, they disappear.

The Florida Lottery offers these helpful tips to avoid being scammed:

NEVER redeem a Florida Lottery ticket for someone you don't know.
NEVER give your credit card numbers over the phone to anyone promising Florida Lottery cash prizes or memberships.
NEVER accept a collect phone call from someone claiming to be a Florida Lottery official.
NEVER respond to a letter or phone call from someone who offers you a guarantee of winning a prize. The Florida Lottery does not guarantee you a prize, only a chance of winning if you buy a legal ticket.
ONLY participate in a "lottery pool" with people you trust. If you have questions about "lottery clubs", please call the Florida Lottery Division of Security at (850) 487-7730.
ONLY buy Florida Lottery tickets from authorized retailers. Call your local Florida Lottery District Office for the location of a retailer near you.

ATT Uverse Scam

AT&T U-VERSE SCAM ALERT - Friends, here in the Dallas area, AT&T U-Verse sales representatives are going door to door promising promotions and rebates that essentially don't exist.

We went ahead and signed up. When the AT&T U-Verse installation technician arrived, he set us up with all new equipment, wiring etc. Spent about two hours doing so. Before he left, I had him phone the AT&T customer service department to confirm our account and all the promotions we had been offered. The AT&T customer service rep. (and a manager after I had escalated the call) confirmed that no "gift cards" or rebates that the sales rep. had offered existed. It was all a lie. The worst part was that the "customer service" department was claiming that AT&T had "no control" over the promises being made in the field...

This was another bad omen, which led us to make the technician take out all his equipment and wiring on the spot, and reinstall our previous TV and Internet services. We, of course, cancelled our order over the phone while the technician was removing the equipment.

Advice - AVOID AT&T U-Verse, especially when sales reps come a knockin' on your door. Our personal AT&T scam artist said his name was Donovan Ruffin. He gave us his cell number, 214-471-3883, to provide us with any "additional support" we might need. I phoned him while he was standing in our kitchen, and he picked up, so I know this phone was working. Of course, I've been calling him ever since the scam was identified but he has not picked up, yet. He probably has a separate phone he uses for his scams.