Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Florida Lottery Scam

Every day, criminals find new ways to scam victims out of their savings. Many Floridians have fallen prey to con artists claiming to be Florida Lottery winners who are unable to collect their jackpots. The con artists offer to “sell” the winning ticket to the victim, or ask their victim to collect the money for them. When the victim agrees, they are asked for money or other valuables as a “deposit.” Once the con artists have the victim’s money, they disappear.

The Florida Lottery offers these helpful tips to avoid being scammed:

NEVER redeem a Florida Lottery ticket for someone you don't know.
NEVER give your credit card numbers over the phone to anyone promising Florida Lottery cash prizes or memberships.
NEVER accept a collect phone call from someone claiming to be a Florida Lottery official.
NEVER respond to a letter or phone call from someone who offers you a guarantee of winning a prize. The Florida Lottery does not guarantee you a prize, only a chance of winning if you buy a legal ticket.
ONLY participate in a "lottery pool" with people you trust. If you have questions about "lottery clubs", please call the Florida Lottery Division of Security at (850) 487-7730.
ONLY buy Florida Lottery tickets from authorized retailers. Call your local Florida Lottery District Office for the location of a retailer near you.

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