Monday, May 13, 2013

Apple iPad Africa Prom Scam: Mr. Raymond SMS Text

There is a scam email being circulated that texts you that you have won an Apple iPad from the Apple Africa Promo. This is a scam, do not respond or give the senders your information.

I received a sms stating that my sim number have won R1.000.000 + an ipad in the Apple Africa Promo.

The so-called Apple agent -Mr. Raymond, wants me to pay R5000 at my nearest Western Union office for delivery for receiver Collins Peters. Number for Apple head office as per Mr Raymond +44744832X553-My ref no: SA237M -received sms from 08X 79X 933X.

 I received a confirmation sms on Saturady stating approval of my cheque payout from +2784XXXX12018x106 I just want to know whether this is a scam or not? Thanking you in advance. Bronwyn

Answer: Yes this is a scam!

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