Friday, September 21, 2012

ADP Benefits Phishing E-mail - Scam Alert

The is an phishing e-mail purporting to be from ADP Benefits. Please, do not respond to this email or click the links in it.

Information from ADP:

What is phishing?

ANSWER: Cyber criminals try to lure people with spoofed emails, voice messages and text messages that tell the recipient there is a problem with a bank account, credit card, or even a payroll question that has to be answered “right away.” These phony emails are called phishing emails. Do not respond or click on any links within these emails.

What protection do I have against phishing?

ANSWER: If an email comes to your email inbox and it is asking you to take immediate action on something to do with your account or your data, even if it looks like it is from a source you know, like your bank or credit card company, do not take any action. Delete the email. If you think it may have been a legitimate request, contact the company by phone. Do not use any number given in the email, it maybe fake too. Remember: Legitimate companies that have your sensitive data will not send or call you to ask for that information.

What do fraudulent emails look like?

ANSWER: Fraudulent emails are often disguised or made to look like they are coming from an official source, such as a government agency or business. If you have doubts, check with the sender via phone about the email and the information being asked.

What should I do if I get an email with an ADP logo and I suspect it is a phishing email?

ANSWER: If you receive a suspicious email, phone call or text message that looks like it is coming from ADP; let us know about it right away. Forward the original email you received as an attachment or a description of the phone call or text message to A representative from ADP will contact you or your employer as appropriate. ADP will take appropriate steps to address suspicious events.

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