Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Yahoo Lottery Scam

A scam email is circulating that states that you have won a Yahoo Lottery. This has set off the scam alert.

Dear Yahoo Management ! Last month of 26th I have received the below email on my hotmail id "" Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2012 22:08:13 +0800 From: Subject: CONTACT THE PAYING BANK FOR YOUR WINNING PRIZE $1,000.000.00 To: YAHOO LOTTERY RESULTS 2012 YAHOO INTERNET LOTTERY CONGRATULATIONS!!! Yahoo!! International Lottery Organization Bangkok Branch Office Address: 3 Sukhumvit Lane Bangkok 10400

Thailand Dear Lucky Winner , In receipt of your information regarding your winning prize of ONE MILLION UNITED STATE DOLLARS ( $1, 000. 000.00USD). In the 10 Years ongoing Yahoo! lottery promotion award of the New Year Held this Month. Your email address was randomly selected among the 25 lucky winners in batch 50,000,000 International email addresses .You have been approved to pay the lump sum of ONE MILLION UNITED STATE DOLLARS ( $1, 000. 000.00USD). I Mr. Mark Chang the lottery representative here in Bangkok Thailand will be guiding you on how to claim your winning prize.

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