Monday, May 21, 2012

Quibids Scam

Some feel that Quibids is a scam. They do have a confusing business model that cause many users to feel that they have been ripped off. However, some feel that Quibids is legitimate. The contact information and reviews of Quibids are listed below.
QuiBids Holdings LLC,
4 NE 10th St, Suite 242,
Oklahoma City, OK 73104-1402 USA

Please review and rate your experience with Quibids below.


  1. quibis is not a scam but the competition is killing me. with all those users online it's hard to get my hands on something.

  2. hey took my 60$ and im very pissed they didnt ask me they just snatched the money off my card these bitches better give me my money back asap..... this is a fking rip off

  3. I got scammed to wtf 60$ I thought it was free too sign up I want my fkn money back this bs

  4. This company is a typical bait and switch tatic... The have falsley charged my credit card. Does not clearly state they are charging you then the rude B**** closed chat on me... With a name like Selina. she needs to fired and beaten.. This company will find out what happens when you screw over US Vets.. The Dept of Vet affairs have been contacted. And the local news media here in Atlanta Ga... I will make it my mission to bring this site down..

  5. damn i just got robbed