Thursday, June 14, 2012

Zeek Rewards Scam

Zeek Rewards
803 West Center St.,
Lexington, NC 27292 USA
Skype Support: ZeekSupport
Zeek Reward's Phone Number: 1-888-927-9335
Fax Number: 1-336-243-1094

Do you feel you have been scammed by Zeek Rewards? Please let us know about your experience with Zeek Rewards below.


  1. After signing up as an affiliate, my husband has decided to quit. We put in $500 and signed up as a Diamond $99/month. We're requesting 2 checks to at least get part of our money back. After promising checks, now it looks like we'll have to get our payment via some type of ewallet, which we didn't want to do.

    The Zeek support link had showed many people who weren't paid for auction winnings, and other issues. Since then, the page has become private. You can get to the link if you're an affiliate: Zeek support was almost impossible to reach, and the live chat was on sometimes - even when it was, we had to wait at least 1 hour.

    If anyone is thinking of joining Zeek, my advise is to be careful and read the information on the link below, by someone very knowledgeable about these types of programs. I suspect that Zeek is a scam, ripoff and I've seen many Zeek complaints. Take care and thanks for reading!

  2. ZeekRewards is not a scam. You are. First of all once you "put in $500" you actually bought $500 worth of bids. When you purchase bids you have to give bids to customers and post your ad every day in order to qualify for the profit sharing. You can only get your money through the ewallets. I've been getting over $800 a week. You and your husband, obviously, didn't do your homework and just threw some money at something you had no idea what you were doing. Because of your ignorance you are upset. You should be upset with your lazy husband for not trying to take care of finding out exactly what you are "putting money in for". Lots of people I know are making an incredible income from Zeek. If you would have posted your ad every day for 90 days until your 500 VIP points retired, THEN, put your bid purchase preference to 0%, AND kept placing your ad, THEN, you would have gotten back your $500. Seriously, educate yourselves.

    1. then What's going on with Zeek now. the website is out. so are you still up to defend them.

  3. sir to day your web side not open why??????????????

  4. Update Zeek Reward's Office has been shut down by the Feds.

  5. I invested $1,000.00 And am now trying to get my money back! Good luck with that! Tell me how they cashed my money order on August 30th, 2012????? All the shit was supposed to be placed on hold!